How Does a Beauty Tattoo Stay Permanent?

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Tattoos are designed to stay permanently on the skin and if they are done properly they will stay bright and permanent for many years. However, if you have a tattoo or are thinking of getting a tattoo done then you may wonder how the tattoo stays permanently on the skin. After all, we are constantly shedding skin from our bodies on a daily basis so how come the ink doesn’t just fade away in time?

Well the answer is that the ink is injected into the second layer of skin. The first layer is the epidermis and this is the layer that sloughs off skin all the time so that skin cells are constantly replaced. But the ink for the tattoo goes into the dermis which is just below it and is much more stable. The tattooist has to be well practiced in inserting the needle to the right depth. If they insert it too deeply the there will be excess bleeding but if they do not insert the needle far enough then the ink will fade and the tattoo will not look good. This is why you need to choose a good tattooist to create your body art for you.

The needle from the electrically powered machine goes in only about 1mm under the skin so it is a very delicate process to get the ink to the right depth. Make sure then that you get your tattoo done by a recommended tattooist and you can be sure of a beautiful tattoo that will not fade and you will be happy with for many years to come.