Sexy Woman Tattoos and Visual Design

A number of women who are crazy about tattoo will get a rib tattoo inked on them. A woman getting a rib tattoo can be a very painful experience. In tattoo forums you can find a lot of posts from many people asking how painful rib tattoos women can be. Many girls would like to get a tattoo on the side of their rib but are turned off by the pain they have to go through during the inking process. 

Women who went through with the rib tattoos will share their experience about the pain. They usually deny Do Not about the pain they get from the tattoo artist at the time of having tattoo on their rib cage. But in the end, being able to see a pretty body tattoo design on the side of their rib makes it all worthwhile. 

The outline of women rib tattoos is tolerable by many people. The biggest challenge is the shading of the tattoo image. Large rib tattoos are usually done in two sessions. The first session is to draw the outline while the second session is the shading. Each session can be as long as two and half hours. 

Since the rib tattoo is done on an unusual place, the extra level of discomfort during inking is understandable. If getting a tattoo on the rib is pain free, everyone would have gotten inked on their sides. 

If you are planning to get a side rib tattoo, be prepared for the pain. The most painful areas will be down on the side of the front rib 

Which is very close to the nipple and in the area where the ribs ends. A rib tattoo is a unique choice to explore if you are planning to get a new body art. The rib cage design gives the tattoo artist a big canvas to work on hence it is best to choose a large tattoo.