Top Female Sleeve Tattoo Designs

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Sleeve tattoos have been very popular recently.  Many men have gotten full, half and even quarter sleeve tattoo featuring flames, Japanese designs and other such designs.  However, women are now also starting to get full sleeve tattoo designs.  However, they are not getting the same types of designs as men.  For the most part women want a more female tattoo design or their sleeve.  However, since this is kind of a new area many women are not sure what to get for their design.  This article will help identify some ideas that might help in formulating your own thoughts and coming up with your own design.  These of course are just some suggestions from experience.

Koi Fish Sleeve Tattoos, Koi fish of course are a very popular design theme in Japan.  Many of the most traditional forms of tattooing in Japan frequently use koi fish.  In Japan and in China the Koi fish is thought of as a symbol for power, freedom and independence.  These are symbols that can speak to many women either being something they desire or something they already have.  Thus koi tattoo designs can make a great option for sleeve tattoo designs.

Lotus Flower Sleeve Tattoos, Lotus flower tattoos are also another great option.  Again these are more popular in Asian countries.  However, lotus flower tattoo designs are also now becoming very popular in United States.  They are deeply symbolic and can stand for striving, spirituality, or even just womanhood.  Their shape and design can easily be made into a very beautiful sleeve tattoo design.  The way the lotus flower rises up from the mud to the surface of the water can also be use in designs a lotus flower sleeve tattoo design.

Angel Tattoo Sleeve Designs, Angels are of course a very popular design for women and can go just about anywhere on the body.  However, they can also make a beautiful sleeve tattoo design hat is still feminine and cute while looking large and covering the full sleeve easily.  The wings can spread out around the arm and make a beautiful tattoo design.
Flower Sleeve Tattoos, Flowers always work well for any feminine tattoo design and there are many different flowers out there.  Each flower of course has a different set of symbolism and meaning behind it so it would be smart to check out any symbolism or meaning before getting such a tattoo.  However, there are tons of really beautiful and symbolic flowers.  The Hibiscus and plumeria flower can work well for a full sleeve tattoo design as well as the Cherry Blossom can work.

Star and Nautical Star Sleeve Tattoo Designs, Stars of course are always a favorite choice by many women for tattoos.  They can work well just about anywhere including the upper back, ankle and even the foot.  The beauty and symbolism of star tattoo can easily be adapted into a beautiful full sleeve tattoo design.  A cluster of smaller stars, a nautical star or even a really large shooting star can all be incorporated into a sleeve tattoo design beautifully.