Skull Tattoo Meaning

The skull tattoo actually is thought to represent change. More specifically, it represented great change in life. This makes sense because skulls are associated with death, which is the greatest change of all.

With this in mind, you can get this tattoo as a way to remind yourself that death does happen to everyone and it should be thought of as a change in life. It is something that everyone goes through, so it is not necessarily something that should be feared.

Although this is the actual meaning of a skull tattoo, it is not the common meaning. The majority of people today consider skull tattoos to represent fear and danger. Because these are such common associations with these tattoos, you might want to consider those meanings before you get your tattoo.

Even if you want your tattoo to represent the change in life, the majority of people who see your tattoo will not understand your thoughts. It is good to know all the meanings of tattoos so you know for sure whether you want it. Because it has this second meaning to it, skull tattoos are popular among many men.

For them, it represents a power that they have. This is why you will see a skull tattoo on everyone from a sailor to a motorcycle rider. It has universal meaning for these men because they see a little bit of themselves in the tattoo.

Because tattoos have such meanings to them, it makes sense to know what they mean before you get it done. Even if it does not change your mind on the tattoo, it just helps to know what you are getting on your body for the rest of your life.

Skull Tattoo - For Girls

Not all skulls have to be masculine, demonic, or of the average skull tattoo design. You may be interested in a more feminine design.

Many women may, even, prefer it to the more demonic skull.

In some cases, couples will get matching skull tattoos but of different sexes, as many woman may like the idea of a skull tattoo, but prefer to smooth out the rough edges

Feminine skulls tend to be of pink and purple hues and/or have bows. Many feminine skulls tattoos have hearts as the eye sockets versus various degrees of circles and ovals.

Skull Tattoo - For Girls Designs

I recommend the skull tattoos designs for anybody, whether it is your first or 20th tattoo.

This design, although it might seem generic with a, is extremely popular for a reason.

This reason is because it looks great! That old time look of the skull tattoo design is sure to turn some heads and get the interest for your ink you want.

But finding the best tattoo skull art. Printable tattoo design databases are things i believe to be the only way to obtain the best designs.

You can look on search engines and try to find pictures of tattoos, but your tattoo artist won’t be very happy.

The biggest reason why I like these databases a lot is because of the standard printouts they are able to provide you with.

You won’t need to bother about a poor design and therefore a poor looking tattoo.